Crime Line

Crime Line

21 June 2017

Well done to the Highlanders winning over the Lions, an awesome match. Sorry to all the Lions supporters (A slightly gloating kind of sorry. ;-)

It seems Cardrona has had a smooth opening and Treble Cone is due to open this week also. Well done those teams of around a thousand workers up and down the mountains who provide a safe and fun environment for so many. Keep up the good work.

Working this weekend it was obvious that the ski field is open with lots of SUV’s covered with the common ski field access road dirt and mud.

As far as jobs we dealt with this week, I can tell you about the following cases. As always if you can provide any information to assist with any of the following enquiries please contact us at (03) 443 7272 or Crime stoppers as above thanks.

Two house burglaries this week. One in Stone Street and one in Mount Barker. Missing is an air compressor, a spotlight, a puncture repair kit, a smart TV, laptop and a gaming headset. If you see someone with items like this that they have a poor explanation for let us know. Also remember to lock it or lose it people. Let’s not make a thief’s job easy.

We get numerous reports of theft from supermarkets. It is unlawful to snack on food from the self-serve bins while you walk around the supermarket, also not very bright if you ask me.

We had another two crashes on the Cardrona Valley and Crown Range Road, so be extra careful and remember the next corner may be iced up no matter what the road was like leading up to where you are. Drive defensively.

Some fool deliberately smashed the door handles at the I-Site. What was the point of that?

We had a report of someone sleeping in the public toilets for a number of nights this week, locking themselves in there and doing their dishes etc in the basin. I understand the cubicle was a mess.

Other than that and a few other matters that are non disclosable, it has been a pretty good week.

For those few I told off for silly antics over the weekend remember to ‘Follow your heart but take your brain with you...’ You might think you are funny but it might actually be just a bit dumb.

Be safe out there team and look after your neighbourhood.