Crime Line

Crime Line

5 July 2017

Greetings and welcome to this week’s edition of Crime Line.

The winter season is well underway with a welcome dump of snow over the weekend. Looking forward to the opening of Treble Cone (hopefully) this week?

During the week several family harm incidents were attended by Police.

On Tuesday a pair of skis were reported stolen from Cardrona ski field. This happens from time to time, so be mindful and secure your property as best you can.

There was a single vehicle crash on the Crown Range Road when a driver lost control on the build-up of grit. Unfortunately grit is a necessary evil over the winter. When the ice has melted, grit can still be a major hazard. Always be aware of the winter driving conditions and adjust accordingly.

There were two incidents of shoplifting at New World supermarket. Great CCTV footage was collected and strong lines of enquiries are being followed up.

A vehicle parked at Fantail Falls carpark had a window smashed and a wallet taken. Fingerprints were lifted from the vehicle and are currently being analysed.

There were a large number of people out and about frequenting the bars and restaurants over Friday and Saturday nights. This was mostly due to a number of music events, University holidays, The Mountain Film & Book Festival and the rugby. Shush, did I say rugby?

I am very happy to report that with this increase in social activities, there were no reports of violence or alcohol based offences, including drink drivers. So everyone from bar managers to students, take a bow for a job well done.

The only kink in this happy story was on Sunday when a driver was reported unresponsive at the wheel of a parked vehicle on Mt Aspiring Road. Police located him in a carpark near Glendhu Bay extremely confused. He was processed for drink driving and now waits for the blood test results.

Also on Sunday, was a two vehicle crash on the single lane Fish Bridge, north of Makarora. Luckily there were no injuries but the driver has been charged with careless driving. Some of our unique single lane bridges don’t have the best approach, so time needs to be taken to make sure the way is clear before entering onto the bridge.

If you have any information pertaining to the incidents above please call the Station on (03) 443 7272 to speak to an Officer, or to give information anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Have a great week.