Crime Line

Crime Line

16 August 2017

Well our wet week has been good for the ski fields and in some respects pleasing on our roads also.

Sadly Wanaka, you didn’t meet our target of no drink drivers for the week. I struggle to understand how a friend could allow their mate go to their car or drive, knowing they have been drinking. We caught three drivers over the alcohol limit this week. One on Wednesday and two on Thursday night. One was at a crash where a truck crashed into a tourist‘s vehicle which rolled. They were very lucky that the injuries weren’t more serious.

On Tuesday we had a male enter the Night ‘n’ Day store when it was closed. He looked around the store and videoed himself in there. He took a chocolate bar and then he left and tried to get into a taxi. That was until the taxi driver refused to take him and his friends until he had put the stolen property back. Well done to the taxi driver - we need more of that behaviour, keeping others honest. You get the “good sort of the week” vote from me.

The same day a vehicle was stopped and searched for drugs leading to the arrest of two individuals. There was also a report of a theft of a white 155cm snowboard from the Cardrona ski field on Monday.

On Wednesday there was a crash on the corner of Plantation Road and Beacon Point Road. The two vehicle crashes this week were the result of drivers running into the rear of another vehicle that was stopped. Remember to always drive to the conditions and ensure you keep a good following distance between you and the car in front. Remember only a fool breaks the two second rule!

On Thursday we dealt with a female who had consumed too much alcohol. She took a tumble in a local bar cutting the back of her head quite badly and was taken for medical treatment but due to her intoxication she was difficult to treat. Please be more careful of what and how you drink.

A member of the public called in a boat in trouble on the lake on Saturday that needed rescuing. Well done for keeping an eye out. I’d hate to see someone in trouble ignored because it was not their problem. Another “good sort” if you ask me.

The rain was our friend this weekend with the weather in the evenings dampening the punters mood just enough to send people home rather than cause trouble on the streets.

Overall a good weekend, so keep that up. We are hoping for a week this week with no drink drivers. We will be stopping cars and everyone that is sober makes us happy. So come on Wanaka let’s get on board and protect each other from harm and/or other consequences out there.

Just remember: If you can win, don’t come second…