Crime Line

Crime Line

23 August 2017

Great to have some warmer mornings this week, not quite so good for that last dumping of snow though.

A couple of warnings for you to take on board (because we like to play fair). Warning 1 - We will be looking at speeds while passing stationary schools buses over the next few weeks, these are starting to creep back up. Remember, it’s 20km/h even if you are travelling in the opposite direction and the bus is parked on the other side of the road. Warning 2 – The message for drink driving is still not registering with a few, so we’ll be bringing in some reinforcements to tackle this. So if you get caught after this “forewarning”, your elevator isn’t  going all the way to the top!

After a busy week for Police please find a few of the incidents we dealt with below:

This week a set of skis were stolen from a vehicle parked at an address on Totara Terrace, between the 9th & 13th August. They are white skis, pink underneath, with touring bindings and bright pink poles. If anyone see’s these please report to police. A reminder to lock your vehicle and don’t leave valuable items in view.

We took a report of a Ripcurl backpack containing a wallet and phone being stolen from La La land on Friday the 11th. Enquiries are ongoing.

We have received a couple of complaints this week where gear has gone missing at Cardrona Ski Resort. Green Dynaster skis with a flower pattern on them went missing after the owner left them in a rack near the café and a Burton snowboard, purple and black with a green swirl and green bindings, was mistakenly left in a rack at the end of the day. The owner called the skifield later that day but it had gone.

A local man stole an item from Caltex but his mugshot was recognised on CCTV and he was arrested the following day.

Another local male found a wallet and decided it would be a better idea to go Xmas shopping with the credit cards rather than hand it into police. Instead of getting a reward he now has a date with the Judge.

We dealt with a minor vehicle collision on Anderson Road where a vehicle has exited a business premise and driven into a passing vehicle.

A male walking his dog by the Cardrona River had a close encounter with 3 young lads racing around in their vehicles. The boys were located and will each receive an infringement notice. Just to clarify it for everyone; the shingle road running from Ballantyne Rd through to Cardrona Valley is classed as a road (so is a riverbed for that matter), so all the normal road rules apply.

Three drink drivers were apprehended – re-familiarise yourself with Warning 2 above.

A Macbook computer was stolen from a band member while he was performing at The Water Bar at the weekend and an Avanti road bike was stolen from near the Showgrounds. It has a small white frame with green writing on it.

Three males were disturbed by bouncers climbing on the roof near Alivate Restaurant. One fell off and started crying that he was sore but then ran off with his other 2 mates. It is unknown what their intentions were.