Crime Line

Crime Line

30 August 2017

Welcome to the warmer weather of spring folks!

Another busy one for Police this week. Please find below some of the incidents we dealt with:

At the beginning of the week a male was arrested for assault in relation to a family incident.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning a male and female stole an order of bread that had been delivered to Beanie Café on Ardmore Street.

The following night an Australian tourist was located on Ardmore Street in a very intoxicated state.

At about 7am on Friday morning a vehicle rolled on the Crown Range, luckily there were no injuries. Just a reminder that if you are travelling on these roads, some areas still have grit on them. Later that night two males were caught drink driving and are off to court to talk to the judge.

Phase 1 of Operation Lift (targeting Drink Drivers Wanaka) started on Saturday, with help from Cromwell and Queenstown Road Policing staff. These Coppers liked it so much over here they said they want to come back… so watch out!

537 vehicle stops
47 Breath Screening Tests
5x Excess Breath Alcohol
1 x Green Sticker
1 x Drug Search

We took a report of a bottle that was thrown through the rear window of a vehicle parked on Totora Terrace and a report of burglary at a local hotel, where money and video equipment was stolen from a room.

A male was assaulted behind the BP Garage at about 0115hrs on Saturday. He was transported to Dunstan Hospital and later helicoptered through to Dunedin Hospital for a CAT scan. Police are making good progress with their inquiries.

A young intoxicated male was spoken to in relation to damaging a door at a local bar, at this stage he has received a warning providing he repairs the door. His associate has yet to be spoken to.

A male tourist was arrested for assaulting two other males when he punched them in the face after an altercation at a local bar.

Lastly, there were 2 separate incidents with drunk people knocking on windows and doors of the wrong houses in the early hours of the morning.  And again, with the help from some out of town resources we intend to give this area some close attention.