LINK Community Forum: Connecting As We Grow

30 August 2017

Everybody’s talking about growth…let’s talk about it together! Love it or hate it, growth is undeniable and
shapes our experience of living here. How do we plan for a growing community? What are the options for
transport, parking and lakefront development? What is anticipated in the tourism and business sectors?

What support do our community groups, arts and sports teams need to thrive? How many schools does
it take? Is it simply too expensive to live here? Above all, how does our supportive, friendly and close-knit
community stay that way as we get bigger?

All these topics and more are the focus of Connecting As We Grow, a community-wide forum on growth
hosted by the Wanaka Community Board and LINK Upper Clutha. It’s a night of two halves – information
sharing to understand the current state of long term planning, tourism and existing communityled projects; and an interactive expo where you can connect with community leaders and groups, give your input, or pitch a new idea. To find out more or register, please visit