Crime Line

Crime Line

20 September 2017

Well it’s been a fairly busy week for the Wanaka Police with a mix of incidents attended. Here are a few of the jobs we have dealt with.

It wouldn’t be a Wanaka Crimeline without a jacket being taken from one of our local bars. The jacket was a shiny black Patagonia down jacket and was taken in the wee hours of Saturday the 2nd from Waterbar.

A few weeks back a concrete driveway was poured in Timsfield, Hawea. A “ratbag” has drawn in the concrete the words “Da rat king was here” before it had set, much to the horror of the owners.  Police would like help in identifying who this person is so we can pay “Da rat king” a visit.

A cyclist was knocked off her bicycle at the intersection of McDougall Street and Mount Aspiring Road after the driver of the vehicle failed to see the cyclist in the wet. Luckily the cyclist only received bruising rather than serious injuries.

We have received a report of machinery being tampered with and vandalised on a rural property in Luggate. This happened sometime earlier in the week.

There were three drink drivers intercepted during their travels this week. Police are awaiting the result of a blood test after one of the drivers refused to undergo the breath test.

A female was arrested for disorderly behaviour after she had been asked to leave the Waterbar on Saturday morning due to her intoxicated state. Her boyfriend was also arrested at the same time for assault after getting physical with a security staff member. The lovely couple spent some time in the cells to reflect on their behaviour.

We certainly noticed a small decrease in driving complaints received after the slip on the Crown Range closed the road for several days.

Have a great week.