Crime Line

Crime Line

27 September 2017

Hello, it’s been an interesting week. The Blossom Festival, youth parties and drink drivers were amongst some of the work that kept us busy this past week.

Here is a snippet of the jobs attended by us this week…

Well we had 4 drink drivers this week - three of them over 990mgml when the limit is 250mgml. One was in the middle of the day! One involved a crash and one stated Police were ruining his life by catching him… It’s a personal choice when you decide to get behind the wheel intoxicated and we make no apologies for catching those who do, while trying to keep our roads safe.

A male became angry at a taxi because it was not going in the direction he wanted to be taken, so he hit the taxi with his hand denting it. A costly mistake when there is always another taxi around the corner.

We had four thefts reported this week. One was while a Real Estate agent was showing someone around a house, two were from New World and one from a car. If it’s not yours leave it alone!!

Remember, if you try some of the produce at New World in pick and mix bins, it is theft. Theft is theft and some seem to feel they have the right to simply take from others. No you don’t! It is a criminal offence.

There was a party at the Scout Den at Eely Point where police were called to attend on a number of occasions. If you are going to host a party for young ones, you need to be in control of their behaviour or they should leave. Remember, if you have children attending parties with alcohol and you are the host, you need written consent from the child parents to say they are allowed to have alcohol with them. The hosts are responsible for the people attending and there are penalties under the Sale of Liquor Act if you fail to follow the rules. There were quite a number of intoxicated 16 year olds at the party and I sometimes wonder if parents know what their children are up to and if they would in fact let them attend such functions if they knew the state of intoxication of many of them.

Saturday night started with the run off from Blossom Festival. We had a dozen old modified cars roll into town. This bunch didn’t cause us any trouble and were actually a pretty good spirited lot overall. Sober drivers and seatbelts are a good place to start with us and they had that stuff well sorted.

We had a successful SAR operation in the mountains and one on the lake also this week.

For those wishing to contact NZ Police for any reason, dial 111 if the matter is urgent. Otherwise, phone the local Police Station on 443-7272.

Have a safe week boys and girls and make sure to dust off the warmer weather toys and get amongst it with these spring temperatures. Challenge Wanaka training starts this week…