Crime Line

Crime Line

4 October 2017

A great closing day held up at Treble Cone - 1400 people on the field. Not sure if there were that many Hawaiian shirts up there? Closing day went off without any problems on the snow. It appears that all but one made it back to Wanaka safely (read further down). Well done to the 99%.

On 25th September an overseas driver, living in Queenstown, was forbidden from driving until he obtained a drivers licence.

The 26th had one local having her driver licence suspended due to too many demerit points.

A grader parked up at the Scurr Heights subdivision had an expensive Leica GPS unit stolen from it.

There has been a steady increase in driving complaints this week.  If you witness bad driving, call *555 and report it.  A video or photos are very helpful when dealing with these complaints, but only if you are not driving as well.

On Saturday there was a house fire in Warren Street. Police attended to keep sightseers out of the way of the Fire Brigade.

A large advertising sign was damaged up at the Hikuwai subdivision over the weekend.

A local man was arrested for abusing the parking warden. If you let them do their job, then you might find it easier to find a park - the 30 minute parks are not for 30 days!

In the early hours of Sunday morning Police attended a fight at Post Office Lane where a male was assaulted with a glass by two males. CCTV footage is being reviewed.

On Sunday some snow board bindings were reported stolen from the staff area at Cardrona Ski Resort. The board they were removed from was left behind.

A local male was arrested for threatening to kill another male earlier in the week. He now has an appointment with the judge.

The afternoon after the TC Closing Day, a Queenstown male crashed his rental car at Glendhu Bay - the resulting breath test almost melted the machine at over four times the legal limit! He got caught and is off to Court also.

Police caught up with a local man on Sunday morning after he rolled his work truck on Domain Road on Saturday night. When located he was taken to the medical centre to be patched up and a blood sample taken for analysis.

A reminder to cancel your mail and newspaper before going away on holiday - they are a tell-tale sign to those looking for an opportunity to raid your fridge.

Have a safe week.