Wanaka Bowling Club

11 October 2017

The Wanaka Bowling Club will celebrate 90 years of bowling on Saturday 14 October with a dinner at the

The guest speaker will be current NZ representative, Mike Kernaghan, who is regarded as one of New
Zealand’s finest bowlers. Mike will also present a bowling clinic for members on Sunday morning.
Established in 1926 on land donated by James Faulks, the Wanaka Bowling Club is currently the largest
bowling club in Otago, with a membership of about 180, and growing. It is the ninth largest bowling club
in NZ and is regarded as being amongst the most progressive bowling clubs in NZ.

Bowls is a game that people of all ages and physical ability can enjoy. The Wanaka Bowling Club offers its members every opportunity to play bowls at whatever level they prefer, but above all it is an extremely
friendly club that makes everyone welcome. The club has an outdoor green and a spacious clubhouse as well as an indoor stadium. These facilities allow the club to operate all year round. In the summer there are men’s and women’s club days, as well as regular club events, club and centre championships events and inter-club events.

Winter bowls are held in the club’s stadium and bowls are played virtually seven days a week - including
three evenings of Trade Bowls where teams from local businesses and organisations compete on a weekly
basis. Progressive Bowls operates every Friday afternoon throughout the year and is open to bowlers of all abilities. Visitors are always very welcome.

For further information, please contact the club’s secretary, Madeleine Wilson, on 03 443 4045 or email Alternatively, you can visit the club’s website,