Crime Line

Crime Line

8 November 2017

Hopefully the white caps on the mountains is the last sting in the tail of winter. I’ve had to put the speedos on hold and looking at dragging out the snowboard again. This week was a bit of everything for your local Police.

We received a theft complaint after a ladies diamond ring has gone missing whilst staying at a local nursing home.
An iPhone 6S was taken from a class room at Mt Aspiring college. If it’s not yours, leave it alone. The risk, by far outweighs any gains when it comes to thefts such as this. The consequences of which could stay with you for a life time.

Thursday was the busiest day of the week for Police. In the early hours a male was found naked from the waist down asleep on a couch in rental accommodation. He had clearly consumed too much alcohol after drinking at a local bar. The overseas family were both horrified and scared of what this person could do next. This is not what we want our visitors going home to tell their families Wanaka is all about. He was unceremoniously dragged home and delivered to his lucky house mates.

An overseas driver lost control on the gravel section of Mount Aspiring road and crashed into a tree. Lucky for them they escaped without injury. The same cannot be said for the driver who tried to cross the intersection of Riverbank Road and Wanaka-Luggate Highway at rush hour. He failed to see a following vehicle approaching from the airport and pulled out in front. He sustained a nasty cut after his head went through the side window.

Police assisted the fire brigade with a significant fire on the roadside just before Glendhu bay. This could have been ignited by a discarded cigarette or similar. This summer is shaping up to be very dry and we will all have to be extra vigilant.

A domestic harm incident was attended which resulted in one person being charged with a minor assault, alcohol being a major contributor.

A man with a warrant to arrest was discovered living locally. He has now been apprehended and will face court on several charges.

An intoxicated male was arrested and later released on a pre charge warning after police tried to prevent him from being run down as he stood on the road just out of town. This male didn’t appreciate the kind words of advice from police and chose to return a mouth full of abuse.

Several of the above incidents would not have occurred if alcohol hadn’t been abused. With the summer holiday season (Silly season) fast approaching we encourage people to enjoy themselves without going over the top. We also need to look out for each other and make sure our friends get home safe.

Have a safe week team. Healthy choices.