Crime Line

Crime Line

15 November 2017

Summer is here! Boats should have been booked in for their yearly checks, lifejackets should be inspected and boat trailers checked for roadworthiness.

Motorists are asked to be aware that there will be an increase in the number of cyclists, runners and pedestrians about town so give them some space.

Cycle helmets are still a compulsory item to be worn, as well as working lights at night time.

Wedding venues and sports clubs are asked to maintain a high standard with regard to intoxication - much the same rules apply as with the bars around town, and these will be monitored over the coming months. Alcohol is prohibited in taxis and buses and if the driver reminds you that this is the case then accept it.

For those males that were dealt with over the weekend for standing in the main street and peeing in the shop doorways, pubs and bars have toilets and there are also some flash ones opposite the Speights Ale House. We may have to put up more signage or draw some pictures?

What happened over the last week? Here is a snapshot:

On the 6th November, two youngish male drivers had their licences suspended for 3 months due to excess demerit points. A house in Farrant Drive was ‘egged’, not ‘free-range’ but it did leave a mess and an expense to remove the sticky residue.

On the 8th, the Alpine Motel reported that two males driving a Nissan Sentra car entered a unit and used the toilet, and the CCTV caught them leaving. Enquiries are being made to locate these two cheeky individuals.

A digger at a work site on Ballantyne Rd was entered and a stereo removed on the night of the 7th.

On the 9th, Police received a complaint that a male stole property placed in a shopping trolley at New World. New World’s excellent CCTV has provided Police with a vehicle description and the driver’s description, so enquiries are being made to locate the vehicle.

On the 10th, three pairs of new shoes in boxes were located in the bushes near Warren St. These were sent to Wanaka by Courier, so ask the courier to have you sign for them or collect them from their pickup point in town rather than leave them at the door.  This has resulted in an arrest of a teenager for burglary and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle.

No drink drivers were located this weekend which is a big positive. The local taxis are doing a great job, so plan your night out to include a taxi ride home or have a sober friend pick you up. Police get a bit sick of ‘baby-sitting’ those who leave bars inebriated and mill around the streets because they have not planned how to get home, or how to pay to get home.

However, 7 driving complaints were reported on Saturday 11th November alone.  It would assist Police to get photo/video evidence from a phone, if you have a passenger in the car with you.

Found property still comes in daily at the Station, including the usual items of phones, bikes and wallets. This week’s items include a drill, kids scooter, a laptop and keys.  Please call in if you have lost any items, as the public are very good at handing things in.

Have a safe week.