Crime Line

Crime Line

1 November 2017

Well, I understand we are in the middle of a heatwave. It has been
lovely that’s for sure. Great weather for boating, barbeques and water
sports. Remember your lifejacket.

We have been busy enough over the week so here are the incidents of
interest this week for you to chew over:

I will start with the Graffiti.  There are two reasons people graffiti: one is for marking their turf and the other is grandstanding.  This is clearly the latter. It seems to be an angry individual has walked in to town carrying a can of dark lue spray paint with the intention to graffiti.  They have chosen three central town locations to deface.  It is likely that this person was not alone so associates of this are condoning this
behaviour by not stopping it or by not coming forward. Have a good look at yourself!

We had a campaign relating to seatbelts and cell phones. 21 tickets were issued in less than 3 hours.  This might sound cheesy, but let's do what is right.  The cell phone thing is an integrity issue.  Hopefully those issued with infringement notices will wear their seatbelt in future making them more likely to survive a serious crash if it were to happen.

There was a case of intimidation reported this week.  Please think before you act or you may land yourself in hot water.

We had two persons caught for drinking and driving this week.

We attended a paragliding crash near Motatapu River where a pilot landed heavily, injuring himself. I hope he is recovering well and getting plenty of ice cream in hospital.

A driver on his way home for dinner hit an island on Aubrey Road, flipping his vehicle onto it's roof.

A local male is in a pickle after having his driver license suspended for exess demerits, making his commute to work substantially difficult.

A male struggled to get into his car on Dunmore Street Sunday evening. He became so enraged that as he left he kicked a number of cars along the street damaging them. He was a Caucasian in his 20’s, wearing a light grey hoodie and shorts. He is of solid build and approximately 6 foot tall. Please come forward or let us know who this peanut is.

All found property handed in to the Police this week has been reunited to their rightful owners this week so thank you to those honest people who take the time to bring us found property, You get the chocolate fish awards of the week.

Have a safe week team. Healthy choices.