Crime Line

Crime Line

22 November 2017

I hope everyone had a great weekend and not too many are nursing sore muscles after the Queenstown marathon. I had to work, that’s my excuse anyway for not entering.

A fairly standard week for Wanaka Police, as per below:

At the start of the week a visitor to town had six fishing rods taken from inside his boat whilst it was parked up at the Outlet Motor Camp. Someone may have been a bit jealous about the fishing abilities of this group as they cleaned up the salmon prizes at the Lake Hawea fishing competition. I’m sure using stolen rods will not bring the thieves any luck. 

A sign on Brownston Street at the back of Caltex was the victim off a graffiti attack. The weapon used is most likely to be a thick vivid marker. Too much of this going on and we would be grateful for any information.

A young male was very lucky to escape an early morning crash after the vehicle he was driving left the Albert Town - Lake Hawea Road and rolled.  He is now facing court on careless driving and driving with excess breath alcohol charges.

A vehicle was stolen from Upton Street and taken for a joy ride. This vehicle was returned back to the owner with a significant amount of damage. The offender was caught and is facing several charges. This is the second similar incident in the last two weeks involving vehicles with the keys left in them. I know this is usually a town safe enough to leave things unlocked, but if we continue to do this, chances are that sooner or later you will be the victim.

A man was arrested for trespassing on a property that he had previously been told to stay off.

Our Search and Rescue volunteers were put to work locating and recovering a male who had taken a fall and broken his leg in the Gillespie Pass area.

A peeping Tom was seen snooping about a local Motel and looking into a bathroom window. A great description was obtained and Police are on the look out. If anyone sees any suspicious people lurking around their properties - please let us know.

An overseas driver was very stupid on two counts when firstly he drove at 190km/h then secondly when his wife recorded this on his telephone. He very quickly had his rental car contract revoked and his holiday interrupted as he has a court date in Queenstown. Good luck explaining that one to the judge.

Alcohol was again the major factor in a domestic incident that resulted in a Police Safety Order being issued. The couple were required to spend a few days apart to cool off and reflect on each other’s actions.

A reminder for cyclists to use the road, as we have had reports of cyclists using the pathways around town weaving around foot traffic, resulting in danger for pedestrians. Reminder to wear high visibility vests when cycling on the main roads around the Upper Clutha area, black cyclist tops can be very hard to see in certain light during the day.

Have a safe week - and remember, everything in moderation.