Crime Line

Crime Line

13 December 2017

12 days until the big fella in red arrives!!

This is some of what has happened in the past week:

Two vehicles in Kings Drive, near Scaife Place, had their windows smashed.

At about 2300hrs on the 6th December, an informant reported seeing a male snooping around building sites at Glen Dene Crescent, Northlake. He appeared to cover the number plate on his vehicle which was backed up to one of the sites. Enquiries in the morning did not result in any reports of tools etc. as missing. Given the circumstances, the informant did an excellent job and provided a good description of the vehicle and the male, but unfortunately they were not located on the night. It was a white people mover style vehicle with dark wheels driven by a skinny male with very short hair. We have photos, so any nominations would be appreciated.

Shoes Unlimited reported a pair of size 40 female shoes were stolen from their store. We have 2 suspects who were in the store and we are just waiting on CCTV footage to follow this one up.

For those kids who have been seen wading out to the boats moored up near the Scout Den, taking selfies and possibly drinking - we have received a complaint. Even though it may seem harmless fun, it is someone’s property and it’s not ok. The best place for a selfie might be to take a nice, leisurely, hand in hand, 3hr walk up Mt Roy. – Your parents might also appreciate the break!

An arrow was found imbedded into a lawn on Beech Street, in the vicinity of Totara/Manuka Crescent.

Overnight on the 7-8th a digger, parked at Wanaka Primary School, had a window smashed.

Three tourists from Singapore were reported overdue from a walk up Rob Roy Glacier. They were located by Police that evening. They were in heavy rain and cold conditions and only wearing tee shirts, shorts and jandals. Mmm, you can think it but you can’t say it!!

We need your help on this one please: On Saturday at lunch time, a vehicle travelling on Rob Roy Lane has clipped a 7yr old child on the shoulder with its wing mirror and failed to stop. Someone out there will know or notice this vehicle; It is a small light gold (we think) vehicle, possibly a Toyota Runx with “For sale” in large black block letters (just the outline of the letters, not solid), written across the back window. If you see this vehicle please take note of the registration and bring it into Police.

Several more drink drivers were caught again this week with one result over twice the legal limit. We keep warning you folks, but people keep doing it.

We’ll finish this week with “The Muffin Man Thief” who decided to steal 5 or so bags of muffins in the early hours of the morning (unknown where from). When he saw Police he decided to back his chances and gap it… You guessed it, he was no Usain Bolt and was run down a short time later.

There is a lot going on over the next few weeks so behave and pace yourselves, or Santa won’t come.