Crime Line

Crime Line

20 December 2017

Bring on Christmas Wanaka. I’ve spent a bit of time in the suburbs tonight and some of the decorations are looking fantastic.

This week some of the people we dealt with would have been better off decorating their homes than going out and making fools of themselves.

On Monday we took a complaint of a petrol drive off but the driver was located and returned the next day and paid in full. Oops… Just a bit too much going on??

On Tuesday we took a complaint of a Bose docking station being stolen from the Wanaka Yacht Club. This was on the 8th of December. Bring it back!!

It was a sad Friday with the drowning of a 26 year old male in Lake Wanaka near Stevenson’s Island. These incidents are devastating for the family and workmates. Please be careful in and around the water.

We had two windows smashed by an intoxicated male in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was located due to some good work thanks to quality neighbours keeping an eye on him until we arrived.

Police and SAR were called when a 21 year old visitor separated from the rest of her party and when she wasn’t where she was expected to be, the alarm was raised. She was located a short time later but this is a good reminder to stick to a plan and also don’t forget to be prepared in the hills even on a short walk. Weather conditions change here rapidly at times.

We took a complaint of a highly intoxicated male letting himself into an address on Beacon Point Road. He was found asleep inside in the morning. This is very poor behaviour. It is always unacceptable to enter a stranger’s home and is the result of a person who cannot control his drinking. Keep an eye on your consumption people and this sort of thing won’t happen.

We will be out in force over the week testing drivers for alcohol so make sure you use the taxis or walk. The weather forecast over the week is generally good - so a good climate for walking home.

Take care of your neighbour and your loved ones. Thanks for those generous people who are about to give at the Christmas Can appeal and I apologise for singing Little Donkey among other Christmas tunes, over and over, as we drive around your neighbourhood.

This is the last Crimeline before St Nick comes and looks after those who were nice over the year. Be one of those people - not one of the others who will be on his grumpy list.

A big Merry Christmas and God bless to you all from us here at the Wanaka Police.