Crime Line

Crime Line

17 January 2018

While we are having a great spell of weather at the moment. We have dry roads and its perfect for those heading out into the hills or onto the lake, as long as the winds stay away. Some rain is forecast and a couple of inches over the week would be good for the garden and keep the fire risk down.

Our patrols are still having to deal with too many drivers talking and texting on cell phones while driving - perhaps the $80 fine is too low? Manner of driving and excessive speed continue to be on our radar every day as well.

Stop signs are still a problem for some people. Come to a halt at the stop sign then look to see if both ways are clear before moving off. Too many drivers are taking a quick peek before cruising through stop sign controlled intersections and not making sure the way is clear to proceed.

This week a local male was suspended for accruing too many demerit points. Getting a driver licence is a lengthy process but it’s easy to forget what you have learnt on the way and all of a sudden you are having to walk to work or rely on a mate to get you there.

Police received a complaint from the owners of a Lake Hawea property that a neighbour is taking a shortcut through their property to the beach. A bit cheeky and perhaps they need to find an alternative route.

On the 13th the occupants of a boat at West Wanaka got wet feet when their craft became swamped at Colquhouns Beach. Thanks go to the ‘West Wanaka 4WD Club’ who helped transport the family to safety.

Later that night someone has destroyed the shade covers at the Lake Hawea bowling green. Enquiries are continuing here to find who did the damage, but if you have any further information please contact the station.

On the 14th, two drivers were processed for Drink Driving. One was a Forbidden Driver and had his vehicle impounded as well.

The skate park toilets were covered inside with graffiti during Monday morning sometime after 6.30am, so the CCTV footage shall be able to identify the offender. Anyone knowing his/her identity is asked to contact the Wanaka Police in confidence.

Have a safe week.