Crime Line

Crime Line

24 January 2018

The good spirited Christmas and New Year’s period seems a distant memory as Police have another busy week dealing with assaults, domestics and property theft.

A vehicle was reported stolen after the owner left it in the Lake Front carpark near the Dinosaur Park last weekend. This vehicle is a Grey 1995 Nissan Pulsar with an RM Williams sticker on the back window. If anyone has spotted this vehicle please call police.

A man was arrested and charged with assaulting a child. The home needs to be a place of safety for any young person and if this is not the case then we need to know. Steps have now been taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved and to help the family get back on track.

We attended four other domestic related incidents during the week.

Two burglaries resulted in a chain saw being taken from an address in Luggate and a child’s wallet containing $250 dollars of hard earnt money, taken from an Albert Town address.

On Thursday a male was reported to have approached mostly females around town and has made some unusual requests. This man was located by Police and referred on for mental health intervention.

One person was arrested for shoplifting at New World.

Two non-injury vehicle crashes were attended.

On Saturday an Australian visitor was set upon by three young males after he came to the aid of another tourist who was being racially abused at Puzzling World. Great work from the public has identified the offenders, who are from out of town and they will be held to account for this pointless act.

Also on Saturday night, a car parked on Little Street had its wing mirror broken off and a motorcycle in the Dungarvon Street carpark was damaged to a point that it could no longer be ridden.

If anyone has any information about these incidents please call us at the station.

I hope everyone has a safe week.