Crime Line

Crime Line

14 February 2018

Let’s start off with a reminder for those driving in and around the school zones. Some of the kids are still in holiday / daydream mode so take care and keep an eye out for them, remember the 40km/h zones.

The other reminder is when passing a stationary school bus, either on your side of the road or the opposite side, your speed needs to be reduced to 20km/h. As always, we love to give you a warning before we police these areas and over the next few weeks this will be a priority for us.  (That was the warning).

This time of year is especially busy on our roads with the increase of tourist drivers and with that comes a lot of driving complaints and they are not always tourists. Frustration is a leading contender, so be patient and don’t put yourself or others at risk just because someone is going to make you 5 minutes late. Be alert and ready for the unexpected. The majority of our complaints are for drivers overtaking on blind corners or yellow lines.

A 63yr female was knocked off her motorbike in town. Luckily she only received minor injuries.

A tourist had his rental agreement cancelled due to his poor driving ability.

A bicycle was stolen from a property on Anderson Road. It’s a blue Avanti road bike with a white seat.

Money was taken from a vehicle parked down at the lakefront. Remember to keep valuables out of sight and your vehicle locked.

A jet boat and passengers had a lucky escape when they hit a rock in the Clutha River, throwing two of the passengers into the water. The passengers swam to shore and the boat also managed to be taken to the shore before taking on water. Maritime NZ are investigating this incident.

A local male was caught driving while disqualified, his vehicle was impounded and he will now revisit the Judge.

A Queenstown male who was bailed to a Hawea address because of a domestic incident was arrested for breaching his bail. He was held in custody to appear at the Queenstown Court.

A male from Christchurch came to Wanaka with a stags group but was arrested after he assaulted 3 local males, in an unprovoked attack, after leaving a bar. The situation could have easily escalated but to the credit of the local lads they did not retaliate which made it easy for police to deal with.

A male was arrested after a domestic incident where he has gone to the victim’s house with a sledgehammer and smashed the front door in and then attacked the victim with the weapon. Fortunately the victim blocked the attack with his forearm, preventing a more serious assault, and then overpowered the offender who ran off. He was located without incident a short time later. 

Until next time, take care and be safe out there!!