Crime Line

Crime Line

21 February 2018

The week started out on a busy note with two motor accidents:

On Tuesday 13th a cyclist who failed to give way to traffic was knocked off his bike on Brownston Street. A very lucky man who should have been wearing a helmet!

Later that day Police attended a serious motorcycle accident near Camp Creek, north of The Neck on SH6 towards Makarora, where the motorcycle came into contact with the wire barrier. A quick response from Ambulance and some amazing flying by the helicopter crew meant the rider was in Dunedin Hospital in quick time.

Also that day a driver had his licence suspended for excessive demerit points, and a local driver is to appear in the Queenstown Court on a drink driving charge.

On Wednesday 14th, SAR members located a tourist on Rabbit Pass that had injured his shoulder and assisted in giving him a lift to the Wanaka Medical Centre.

Also that day Police received a theft complaint when some solar equipment was stolen from Eely Point. The property was later returned by an honest local who had picked up the solar panels and charger for safe keeping. A reminder to us all not to leave valuables unattended.

On Thursday 15th a second driver was suspended due to too many demerit points.

On Saturday - Wanaka Challenge day - a male tourist was arrested in Wanaka in relation to a driving incident on the Milford Road. He is due to appear in the Queenstown Court on Monday 19th. Also that day a cyclist in the Aqua Bike race was knocked off his bike by a vehicle on Ardmore Street. Luckily only minor injuries were sustained by the rider.

On Sunday 18th a female alpaca with a cria (baby alpaca) at foot was shot and killed at a Te Awa Road address at about 3pm. The baby will now have to be hand-fed. This is the second animal shot on this property recently. If anyone has any information to help Police identify the person responsible, please contact me at the Wanaka Police Station on 443 7272.

As for Wanaka Challenge - the weather did come right in the end. Another huge event and a big thanks to the organisers, the many volunteers, supporters and the competitors.

Dates to remember: Wanaka Show on 9-10 March and NZ Rodeo Finals on 10-11 March.

Have a safe week.