Crime Line

Crime Line

28 February 2018

Another busy week on our roads with police receiving multiple driving complaints, several of these have resulted in rental vehicle contracts being cancelled. We appreciated your help with this.

It appears the death of the alpaca, from last week’s Crimeline, is the result of a dog attack rather than being shot.

A disqualified driver was arrested for driving. I’m fairly sure the Judge won’t be too impressed.

Some good news: A Beech Road property was burgled over the Christmas break and the offender has now been identified through forensic results. This male is a well known Christchurch offender who is yet to be located – but he will be!

Emergency resources were stretched with simultaneous motor vehicle accidents. One was on the Crown Range Summit and the other was up near Mt Aspiring Station. Both vehicles received significant damage, but luckily both accidents only involved single vehicles and nobody was injured.

$2,000 was reported stolen from a shared apartment, police are continuing with enquiries on this one.

A letterbox was damaged on Ironside Drive by some delinquent, (I had used another word but the boss made me change it). If anyone has any information regarding who did this, please let us know.

A tandem paraglider had a heavy landing after encountering a gust of wind a metre off the ground. Luckily this incident happened just as they were about to land. Both parties sustained minor injuries – and the CAA will be investigating.
A male has been squatting in the toilets overnight at Spencer Mall. He has entered the toilet just before closing then sleeps in there overnight.

A vehicle crashed on Aubrey Road at around 4am on Saturday morning. The vehicle rolled several times, crashed through a fence and then came to rest in the front garden at a property, the driver was arrested and faces a number of driving related offences.

Five tourists needed to be rescued at Makarora on Sunday evening. The group became stranded due to the rapid flow increase of the river. One of the group swam across the river and raised the alarm. The other four had to be rescued by helicopter. Weather conditions delayed the helicopter and the Wanaka SAR River Rescue Team were deployed in the event that the helicopter could not make it in. 

A vehicle crashed on the Crown Range in the early hours of Monday morning. It appears the driver of the vehicle has lost control around a bend and it has crashed into the barrier. There were no injuries but the vehicle will now become baked bean tins.

Enjoy the week.