Crime Line

Crime Line

7 March 2018

Another week of congestion and business on the roads and we are lucky not to have had any serious injuries.

A motorist at the intersection of Ballantyne Road and Riverbank Road failed to give way at the stop sign and caused a four car pileup.

A vehicle crashed on SH6 between Albert Town and Hawea. The driver rolled their vehicle and has been summoned to court for careless driving.

Well done for reporting driving incidents this week, as a result several infringement notices have been issued and yet again rental vehicle contracts have been cancelled. This is keeping our roads safe. One excuse this week for crossing the centre line was because they needed to pee.

We caught two drink drivers this weekend, one of these had crashed their vehicle and was stuck on top of a tree. The driver was still revving, causing a cloud of smoke when police arrived. Just a reminder if you see someone thinking of drinking and driving stop them. Don’t risk the consequences!

Freedom campers are having a lot of media attention at the moment. One vehicle was clamped by QLDC for this reason and the next day both the vehicle and wheel clamp were gone. A theft report has been taken.

A tourist was very drunk and being abusive to several bar  security staff. He could hardly walk in a straight line, was bouncing off cars and urinating everywhere. He was lost and could not remember where he lived. We assisted him and provided him with a place to stay in the cells until he had sobered up and could string a few words together, which were not abusive.

The theft of a jacket from a bar was reported. Keep an eye on your personal belongings at all times.

We had a theft from New World where a male stole $92 worth of groceries. Enquiries are ongoing to trace the suspect.

One motorist was overtaken by a ute, who slammed on their brakes causing them to crash into the rear of the vehicle. The ute then made off. This was captured on a dash cam.

Lastly, we continue to receive information about scams that are being sent via letters, emails or direct phone calls. These scammers often claim to be able to give you large amounts of money if you make contact with them immediately. Please remember if it sounds too good to be true or is not quite right, it’s probably a scam.

Have a safe week and enjoy the A&P Show and Rodeo next weekend.