Wanaka Loves Bikes - Mass Ride

21 March 2018

Recognising the groundswell of community support for active transport in Wanaka, QLDC has made biking and walking a key pillar of its 10 year plan for Wanaka. To celebrate, a mass ride around town is planned for Friday 23 March.

“We’re excited QLDC intends to make Wanaka’s community safer and healthier and to address traffic
issues in a progressive way”, says Active Transport Wanaka’s spokesperson, Simon Telfer. However, he
goes on to caution that the intention needs to be matched by adequate funding and timely delivery. “We
see gaps in the draft 10 year plan and will be making a strong submission around this.”

“The solution for Wanaka is a mix of protected cycleways and traffic calming measures”, suggests Telfer. “If we have the foresight to meaningfully invest in an urban cycleway network, it will go a long way to mitigating the parking issues the town is already facing.” He cites an increase in parents walking and biking their children to school and the uptake of electric bikes as behavioural changes Wanaka is already experiencing.

Planning is well under way for the group’s priority route, the Schools to Pool link, in the proposed network. This route will allow for the safe off-road passage of children and other residents between the schools and the new recreation facilities in 3 Parks.

To celebrate Wanaka’s love of bikes, a mass ride around Wanaka’s downtown will be held at 5.00pm on Friday 23 March. All residents, young and old, are encouraged to meet at the Dinosaur Park and join fellow bike riders for a couple of speeches, $500 worth of prizes from Cardrona Alpine Resort and Speights Ale House, and a social ride.