Crime Line

Crime Line

28 March 2018

It was nice to have reasonably quiet week in Wanaka as there have been many events on attracting a lot of visitors to town lately. This weekend we will see another big influx of visitors with War Birds Over Wanaka and the usual Easter holidaymakers. Please remember there will be major traffic delays on Friday, Saturday and Sunday heading to the air show. Please be patient, leave yourselves plenty of traveling time and follow the directions of any marshals and road signage.

Several shoplifters were caught on camera taking items from New World without paying. Strong leads are being followed up and I would expect these offenders will be speaking to Police sooner rather than later.

If anyone is missing their cannabis plant from the back of an address in Luggate, it can be collected from the Wanaka Police Station.

Several domestic incidents were attended by Police. One resulted with a male being charged with a serious assault. Remember if you have any information on such incidents Police need to know for the benefit of all involved.

The front door mat from the Night and Day store was reported stolen after the culprit was seen on CCTV helping themselves to it. I’m sure they would not be silly enough to use this branded mat and risk a steady stream of hungry customers banging on their door. But if you do happen to see it lying around, please contact Police or just return it to the front of the Night and Day store.

On Friday evening there was a two vehicle crash just east of Luggate. A vehicle crashed into the rear end of another as it had braked for an animal on the road. Remember to always maintain your following distance and be alert to what the traffic in front of you is doing. One driver ended up with lacerations and a fractured hand.

A local man was stopped on Capell Avenue, Lake Hawea after having several beers in Wanaka. He was lucky to only receive a $200 fine and 50 demerit points. Remember if you’re in doubt about whether or not you are over the legal limit, you probably are over and should make other arrangements to get home.

The appearance of police officers in black overalls in town last week created some discussion. We had the Dunedin Armed Offenders Squad in town doing some training. They carried out a couple of house clearances which some of you may have seen.

Dunedin AOS, which cover the Wanaka area were undertaking regular training in both rural areas and within the town environs. Wanaka provides an ideal location for some challenging rural patrol type training while also having the benefit of a town with urban training technique capacity as well.

The squads head, Inspector Kelvin Lloyd was impressed with the courtesy extended to the team by both run holders in the rural locations and building owners within town that made venues available for the team. There was clearly interest in the squads presence and the team had been happy to speak with those residents that were curious as to why the squad were in Wanaka. 

The team were most appreciative of being able to use the unique combinations of environments that Wanaka was able to provide, as well as the welcome that was extended to them by the community and local police.

Enjoy the coming long weekends and keep safe.