Crime Line

Crime Line

11 April 2018

The first cold snap is due to arrive this week, with snow forecast amongst it. This is a good time to ensure your vehicle is ready for winter. Ensure you have plenty of tread on your tyres, your window wipers are in good condition and your defroster is working effectively.

With the colder weather it is not uncommon for us to have an increase in firewood thefts. Be vigilant and please ring us if you are suspicious of persons loitering around addresses.

We will continue this week to have a focus around school buses. Remember it’s 20km/h (in either direction) while travelling past a stationary school bus loading or unloading school children. 

We received a report of suspicious behaviour at a building site overnight on 2 April. On this occasion the builders had cleaned up their tools etc the night before, so they possibly prevented a theft.

There were three accidents for the week. One was on the corner of Aubrey Road and Beacon Point Road - car v car.

Another accident was on Riverbank Road where an unfortunate motorist had a tree blow over in front of them. They crashed into the tree causing extensive damage to the vehicle.

On Saturday night, a male attending a birthday party decided to take an off-road motorbike for a ride. It was dark with no street lighting, the bike had no lights and the rider had no helmet. It ended with a ride in the ambo to hospital. The rider will be ok but has lost a bit of skin as a result of the accident.

Two drink drivers were apprehended over the weekend. Both were under the threshold for going to court but received a $200 fine and 50 demerit points.

At about 7.50am on Wednesday 4 April there was an accident with a car v cyclist at the intersection of Brownston Street and Helwick Street. We would like the driver and witnesses to come to the station to give details please.

Take it easy and enjoy the week.