Lest We Forget

18 April 2018

ANZAC Day 2018. This years’ service marks the 100th Anniversary to the end of World War 1. It is hard for any of us to imagine just how hard it must have been for the survivors of WW1 to return to their homes and loved ones that they had left behind. What would they find? How many of their friends and family did not survive? How hard was it for the returning service personnel to pick up where they left off in their relationships, work and family?

New Zealand suffered huge casualties in relation to our very small population at the time. The effects of this are still felt throughout New Zealand today. However, we can be very pleased with where New Zealand is today, thanks to the sacrifices of those many service personnel.

ANZAC Day is not only about WW1 but is a time for New Zealanders and Australians alike to reflect on the sacrifices made by our nation’s service people. Remember them and celebrate the lives they have forged for us. Upper Clutha RSA invites you to join us on ANZAC Day.

Important Dates/Times:
Poppy Day: Friday 20th April
Main locations for poppies are Paper Plus, ANZ Bank and
the New World Supermarket.
ANZAC Day: Wednesday 25th April

Dawn Services:

Wanaka: 7.00am - at the Lake front. (Next to the Log Cabin).
Hawea: 7.00am - at the Peninsula off Capell Ave (at the Monument).
Civic Service: 9.30am - at the Lake Wanaka Centre.

A Wreath Laying Service will be held at the Wanaka Cenotaph immediately after the Civic Service.