Crime Line

Crime Line

25 April 2018

Town has been pretty quiet this week, but still plenty happened on the policing front. Here is your summary of incidents that are printable:

Last Monday morning Police received three complaints of property damage in the Forest Heights area late at night. Probably alcohol infused pedestrians. A call to Police would be appreciated if you hear or see any shenanigans.

A couple of calls for service were made from people requiring some psychological assistance in the district. Wanaka is not immune to this sort of issue and we are fortunate to have the services of great health professionals.

Last Wednesday I attended a traffic incident where a large house-bus conked out at the top of the Luggate Cutting. A top up with diesel solved the problem but I was not impressed by those motorists that saw the road ahead was not completely clear but failed to slow down - driving defensively is the key.

On Thursday 19th a male driver selected ‘R’ for race instead of ‘D’ for drive and reversed into the vehicle
stationary behind him, both rental cars! On the same day two tourists crossed the road outside Puzzling World like they were at the Sunday races, oblivious of the oncoming traffic and caused a motorist to brake heavily - the following vehicle rear-ending the poor driver. Lesson here - keep your following distance i.e. the 2-second rule.

On Friday the 20th Police attended an off-road vehicle accident at Branch Creek Station where two young girls were in a vehicle which rolled, the 12yr old was airlifted to Dunedin Hospital with serious injuries. The weekend was pretty busy - they must have put chlorine in the drinking water as Police attended eight incidents in total. On Saturday Police dealt with two domestic incidents:

One in Albert Town (thanks to the Community Patrol for their assistance) and a second in Warren St. Also on the weekend: an incident where a female was attempting to run onto the highway in front of vehicles, two vehicles crashes, a very intoxicated local woman in the main street, a Subaru SW vehicle stolen from the Dungarvon St carpark (pays to lock your car and not leave the keys in the ignition) which
was recovered the next morning on Chalmers St minus $30 of petrol, and a report of a 4WD vehicle full of young males driving down the steps in Wanaka Station Park.

Winter is approaching so it’s time to check tyres, coolant, wiper blades, that snow chains are in the boot, all lights are working, ice scraper is in the glovebox and shoe laces are done up…

Have a safe week.