Techie Tuesdays

25 April 2018

Kids these days. They grow up around phones and laptops and tablets. So much technology that they
absorb it as a way of life. And you might like to see that as a negative. But, if you talk to the Techy Tuesday crew from Mount Aspiring College, or talk to the participating residents at the Aspiring Lifestyle Retirement Village, you’ll see a different story.

Set up by Mount Aspiring College students Maggie Little and Toby Balls as part of their volunteering efforts for the Students in the Community programme, Techy Tuesdays are workshops for seniors, to teach them how to use mobile phones, tablets and computers to keep themselves better connected to their families and friends in an increasingly digital world.

“You can do so much on your device, and it’s important to know how to use it,” says Maggie. Toby agrees. “We thought that if we have knowledge to share, and some free time, why not share what we know with those who want to know?”

MAC students Jacinta Page, Kate Binnsand Eliza Rogers also help out, providing advice around (among other things) cameras, attachments, and Apps.

In the second week, Aspiring Lifestyle Retirement Village resident Judy Briggs learned how to attach her stunning sunrise photographs to emails to send to her friends, and resident Margaret Hall got to grips with emojis: “I’ve learned how to put a smiley face in a message, but mine isn’t a smiley face it’s just eyes and a mouth... and I’ve learned I need a new phone!”

The ‘Students in the Community’ programme has been running for 22 years at MAC. It tasks all Year 13 students with voluntarily making a positive difference in the Upper Clutha community. If you’re feeling techy, you can read more about them at