Crime Line

Crime Line

2 May 2018

The team had a relatively busy week attending a number of motor vehicle accidents, family harm incidents, drink driving and two arrests for disorder around town. Coastguard was called to help out a couple of inflatable boats that got caught out in changeable weather and lake conditions.

In two incidents of note, a local lady had a lucky escape after her paddle board leash got caught around the top 5 knot buoy on the Clutha River. Quick actions by other members of the party and the ability to be able to cut her leash free, without doubt, saved her life.

Unfortunately, the Dunedin Armed Offenders Squad was called out after a man in Luggate had a disagreement with another at the local Hotel. He discharged a shotgun out on the street after failing to find the man he was looking for in the Hotel. He was subsequently arrested without further incident. Again, a very luck escape for what could have been a very serious outcome.

The above incidents are not the best news as I reflect on my last Crimeline. After almost 31 years with Police I have decided to retire and handed in my Sheriff’s badge and gun on Monday.  Over half of my professional adult working life has been spent Policing in Wanaka after having spent the earlier years in Whangarei and Auckland.

I have without doubt, immensely enjoyed being part of the unique Wanaka Community and raising my two children here. We are privileged to be able to live in such a beautiful part of the world and be surrounded by an environment I never fail to appreciate every time I look up.

You only have to walk up Roys Peak (if there is room) and look down on Wanaka to realise that it’s still a small village really.  The point of difference in this town is the type of people attracted to the area. I have been amazed at the talent, motivation, capability and sense of community that people bring. Long may that continue.

Ultimately the more you give, the move you get out of this town. Maintaining the sense that we are all in this together and accountability to each other will help slow down the inevitable anonymity and increase in crime that we will see as the town grows. My only other real concern for the town is that we think really hard about how we can avoid killing the golden goose. If we get that right the egg will take care of itself.

In leaving I hope that the reputation of Police as an honest, empathetic and professional group of men and woman who are here to serve the community has been enhanced.

I am looking forward to a number of different challenges as I transition into a new era. The first of which will be convincing my wife that I need a lot more time mountain biking, climbing, skiing and hunting.

I know I have been in the right place, doing the right thing as I look back on the past 18 years and know I would not change a thing.                   

The journey is the destination.