Crime Line

Crime Line

9 May 2018

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge the commitment to Police and the community, from retired Sgt Aaron Nicholson, over the past 18yrs in the Wanaka area. He has been an enormous asset to the Police with his vast array of skills and knowledge. Aaron brought a very cool calm approach to all situations and this has been especially recognised with his work in Search and Rescue. Rumour is that he will still stay involved with SAR, which is great news given he has been at the forefront for such a long time. – Alas all new volunteers start at the bottom Sergeant!!  On behalf of the Police and the community we wish you all the best in your next adventure Aaron.

No news is great news, and this week it is just that, with only a few incidents happening around the town Not that we are sitting here doing nothing, as there is always plenty going on that behind the scenes or jobs that aren’t for public knowledge. (Scouts honour).

Hawea has been the victim of more road signs being damaged. Someone has been using a saw to cut signs down, in particular FORD signs. You don’t have to be a Holden fan to report this. We will take a complaint from anyone, so keep an eye out and let us know if you see anything suspicious. 

The theft of a bag from YHA Hostel was reported The bag contained food, a travel tool set and a hat & scarf.

A tourist was processed for drink driving on Saturday night. Unfortunately, it did not end well when the tourist asked police if they could move the car off the road. Inside the car police located a stash of cannabis.

Our road policing focus for the remainder of the month is seat belts and mobile phones. This is a no brainer - if you are in a crash and belted in, you have a far greater chance of survival.  If you are using your mobile phone while driving, you will be distracted and at high risk of crashing. So please belt up and either use hands free or pull over if there is a need to use your phone. 

Keep warm and be safe.