Crime Line

Crime Line

16 May 2018

This week saw Police dealing with a steady stream of incidents. Here is a few of them in a nutshell:

A local Hawea farmer was both dismayed and annoyed when he discovered someone had accessed his property on the corner of Muir Road and Cemetery Road and dumped 33 truckloads of unwanted rocks, dirt and weed mat. Hopefully this was an innocent mistake and the owner of the waste will make good and contact the farmer. If not he has offered $500 dollars for any information that will identify the culprit.

A commercial vessel was assisted to safety by the coastguard as it had mechanical issues.

A local male has been arrested and charged with 9 separate shoplifting incidents at New World. He was tracked once again on their CCTV network and now has to answer to the judge.

A staff member of a retail outlet is being investigated for theft from his employer, never good to bite the hand that feeds you.

Two persons were processed for excess drink driving during the week. Both received $250 dollar fines and lost half their demerit points in one hit.

A male working at one of our local bars has been charged with assault after he became involved in an altercation with an intoxicated patron after they were ejected from the bar. The intoxicated person has also been charged. This very situation can be a difficult one for staff to handle and Police are there to assist if required.

Several domestic harm incidents were attended to by Police this week. As these situations can often be sensitive we don’t divulge much detail. As a friend or family member you can often see the signs of trouble and could be of some help. It may just take a leap of faith to offer some help.

A house on Stone Street reported a burglary after someone had smashed in the front door when the owner was out. Any information surrounding this would be greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe week.