Crime Line

Crime Line

23 May 2018

Hello all from a busy station this week.

We have received a number of driving complaints in our area which have been followed up. It is an aim for us to make our roads safer for all. Thanks to those motorists who speak up when they see poor driving.

As the result of information received we have arrested a local male for damaging a number of signs in the Hawea area in February. The damage related to road signs and warning signs. This sort of damage clearly placed road users at risk and of course there is the financial loss to Council.

We attended the crash of a mini van that left the road on Wednesday near Luggate. Luckily there were no injuries and it seems the crash was caused by driver inattention.

We had graffiti reported in the public toilets on Dungarvon Street again this Wednesday and the word “court” written on the toilet and also seen on a van nearby. I’m wondering if it was a written premonition of where they will end up when we locate the offender.

Two people were processed for drink driving during the week with one receiving a $250 fine and the other is off to court.

This week we took a historic burglary complaint relating to a rural property on the Luggate-Tarras Road report where a Stihl chainsaw, a 50cc Husqvarna chainsaw and a 10 litre fuel container was taken and filled from a vehicle on the property. Please keep an eagle eye out for anyone who arrives with suspicious equipment, particularly if they are trying to sell it. While we are all out and about, look for behaviour that doesn’t seem to fit the location or situation. It is surprising how many people see offences being committed but don’t realise it.

We attended several family harm incidents this week. These situations can often be sensitive so we
don’t divulge much detail. Keep an eye out for your neighbours and family members. Remember, family
harm is unacceptable on all levels so let’s please be the change and look after those around us.

Have an awesome week Wanaka and bring on the snow.