Crime Line

Crime Line

30 May 2018

All of the snow hounds will be starting to chomp at the bit with the mountains beginning to show some life and the white line getting lower and lower. The pulse of the town will again speed up with the influx of ski workers and visitors. Until then may we enjoy the relative calm.

This week Wanaka Police have enjoyed this relative calm, however, we are still catching drink drivers, attending family harm incidents and receiving theft & wilful damage complaints.

Two drink drivers were apprehended this week. One received a fine the other blew well over the 400 threshold. He will be heading off to court soon and will face losing his licence as well as receiving a fine. Apparently he was the least drunk one of his friends so ended up being the driver. One taxi divided by three would have been the better option, hopefully the other two friends are feeling justifiably guilty.

One driver has been relieved of their licence for three months as they accrued too many demerit points.

A stone sculpture was smashed on a property on Sargood Drive and a vehicle parked on a Jessies Crescent property had its body work and windows badly scratched.

Guests at the Wanaka Hotel were rudely awoken in the early hours of Saturday morning by an individual who thought he would be funny and set off the Fire alarms. Funny for himself but maybe not the other guests or volunteer firemen and woman who have to get out of bed for a false alarm. CCTV footage has identified a prime suspect. I suggest they make an appearance at the Wanaka Hotel to right the prank before Police come knocking.

A driver was very lucky not to receive any injuries after she struck a cattle beast on the Mt Aspiring Road near Glendhu Bay. If she had been in anything smaller than her Ford Ranger the outcome could have been far more serious. Not so lucky was the cattle beast who died instantly.

There seems to be a lot of scams circulating in Wanaka and the rest of New Zealand at the moment. Popular ones are people receiving calls stating this is the Police, you owe money to Inland Revenue, if you don’t pay you will be arrested. You are given a number to call and if you do are asked for your name and IRD number. Please remember government agencies will never call you to ask for your bank account or credit card details by phone. Other scams have been received in the post from overseas stating you have won prizes and cash and all you have to do is send your personal details. We recommend people look after their personal details in the same way you would your wallet and personal possessions.

For more information on scams, visit Netsafe which provides helpful advice and information on its website

I hope everyone has a happy and safe week.