Crime Line

Crime Line

6 June 2018

Hello all from a chilly over cast Wanaka under the inversion.

So after a troll through what happened here for the week I can tell you we have had a week of drink driving, no crashes but still some alcohol fuelled behaviours. I know I’m like a broken record but “it’s not what we’re drinking it’s how we’re drinking.”

We had a report of a group of about 8 males who kicked in a wooden fence for no reason. This happened just prior to midnight on Saturday 26th May in Tenby Street near Helwick Street.

There was the arrest of a male for burglary who entered a property in Jessie’s Crescent and damaged a vehicle the previous week.

Police have also interviewed a 60 year old male, who resides outside of Wanaka, who about a month ago shot a cat and killed it. The male told police he believed it to be a possum. He is paying compensation to the cat owner. 

A male was formally trespassed on Saturday after he confronted a neighbour who was building a garage within reasonable hours. He stated that he comes to Wanaka in the weekends and doesn’t want to hear building noise. Very unrealistic.

Another two drink drivers were processed this week. One was almost four times the legal limit for driving.

We have also received complaints from the community about the speed of vehicles travelling through the 30 kph restriction on Aubury Road. So please slow down there. We will be doing some enforcement, particularly in the morning when children are on their way to school.  Motorists must also remember the new speed limit on Aubury Road is now 50 kph through to Gunn Road.

Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to has been in good spirits this weekend and I can only assume that everyone is getting a little excited about the snow and ski fields opening soon. Keep that up Wanaka as smiling is infectious. Try it and watch it spread.

Keep your chin up about the weather and this inversion will be gone soon enough. If you’re getting a bit restless and missing out on the sun, go for a drive and find the sunshine. It’s worth it.

Take care of each other out there.