Crime Line

Crime Line

13 June 2018

Road users heading up to the ski fields need to be aware of winter conditions, ice in shaded places including on bridges and please be careful, particularly when cornering when there is grit on the road. Drivers need to be a little more patient with winter driving, as some are not as confident as others.

Some of our jobs this week:

Police attended to some disorder at a Back Packers after some guests had a big night, causing damage and vomiting in a room. After some meaningful discussions the damage and cleaning bill was paid for.

Overnight on Saturday a yard on Church Road, Luggate, was entered and considerable damage was caused to vehicles. At least 9 vehicles have had windscreens smashed as the result of rocks thrown. If anybody has seen persons hanging around this location please ring police. In the meantime the owners are going to improve security using forms of surveillance.

We only attended two vehicle crashes this week. On 5th June a vehicle left the road on State Highway 6 just out of Albert Town and two days later a similar incident where a vehicle has slid down a bank on Faulks Road. Luckily there were no injuries in either crash.

Just the one drink driver this week, as a result of a vehicle being stopped after weaving on SH 6. That driver blew 600 mgs which is well over the limit of 250.

There were two people suspended from driving this week. Both had excessive demerits as the result of speeding. Both were suspended for 3 months.

Just a bit on hunters. If you’re going hunting and start the “oh hell I need help” song that you’re going to sing when things go bad. How does help know where you are and how does it get there? Have I told someone about the in and out dates? Did I check the weather? Is/was my boat capable? The lake has an uncool behaviour when windy. Have I got: Emergency locater beacon? Cell phone? Satellite phone? Flare? Torch? First aid kit (trauma capable)? Something that attracts attention and makes locating you easier? Thinking is the first and most important part. Enjoy it, but come back…

Ok guys, have a great week and clean your chimney, pick up a bit of rubbish, say hello to the neighbours and to your parents - who, all those many years ago had to clean up after you.