Crime Line

Crime Line

4 July 2018

Hello again. I seem to have had a bit of a run on the Crimeline recently so I’ll try not to be a broken record.

This week has been much more concerning on our roads with crash after crash. Eight crashes in one week is simply not good enough. The contributing factors to these crashes have been alcohol, not driving to the conditions or not concentrating. I know that hindsight is 20/20, but it was plain to see that each of these crashes were easily avoidable.

Two drivers were almost three times the legal alcohol limit this week and now have a visit to court.

Two people carrying class C drugs were apprehended in town this week and we suspended a driver’s licence for excess demerit points.

The toilet block at the skate park was damaged again this weekend. If you know anything about this please contact the station.

We had two vehicles unlawfully taken this week. Firstly there was a heavily painted campervan taken on Wednesday night from Brownston Street and dumped on Warren Street.

Then on Thursday night someone has unlawfully taken a blue Peugeot vehicle from Anderson Road and dumped it on Rimu Lane, damaged. Neither of these vehicles were locked and both had keys inside.

I am sure it is no coincidence that also on Thursday night an unlocked vehicle on Hunter Crescent was entered and tools and keys taken. Now I’m not saying we have to put bars on our windows people, but let’s be responsible with our belongings. Lock them up!!!

Yes, Wanaka is a lovely place and yes, we have low levels of crime compared to some centres, but that doesn’t mean there are no criminals in town. So don’t invite them, - keep valuables out of sight, lock your homes and vehicles and look out for one another.

If you see someone suspicious or hear something out of the ordinary, at least look out the window and give us a call. Remember as much detail as you can to give us the most chance of apprehending an offender.

This week we will be focusing on frosty windscreens in the mornings and restraints throughout the day.

On that note I’m signing off again for another week. Be careful on the roads and keep an eye on our community. You are our eyes and ears out there.