Crime Line

Crime Line

11 July 2018

Hello everyone. It has been a quieter week than previous, but Police have still had several calls for service. Here is a few of those:

A silver Giant bike was stolen on Ardmore Street. Make sure you invest in a bike lock and a reminder to lock your vehicles and properties, as many of the thefts in Wanaka are opportunist. Look after your property and don’t be a victim!

There was one drink driver caught over the weekend. If you see someone thinking of drinking and driving, stop them, as it is not worth the consequences. Listen to your inner voice, as you would not believe how many people say to us “I knew I should not have driven.”

Here’s a money saving tip… Police are focussing on road safety over the next month. So the drive will be on seatbelts, driving impairment, any distractions (for example use of cell phones whilst driving), and speed. So if you receive a ticket, bad luck, as you have been given the advice. Why do we do it? It’s to save lives. I know it sounds cliché but when you attend so many collisions that could have been avoided…

It is great that so many of you are being vigilant. One incident reported was a driver crossing the centre line on several occasions and it turns out that the cause was possibly health reasons, so well done!

Keep a close eye on your children as we attended an incident involving a drunk 10 year old child who had been sipping people’s drinks throughout the night. This ended up with an ambulance attending and one very sick child. Don’t let this be your child!

Four vehicles and two trailers had their tyres damaged on Gordon Road. If you have any information about this incident please contact the station.

Stay warm, keep safe and have a great week!