Become A Strong & Confident Swimmer For Life!

11 July 2018

Our popular Monday and Wednesday after-school development squad focuses on good efficient
technique across all strokes. Bridging the gap between swim lessons and the skills required to compete, these sessions are both high quality and affordable.

Join us this winter and move two strokes forward without taking one backwards. New skills and confidence will make lakeside living both safer and more fun this summer. By March those new found skills might just surprise you at the local school competitions. Within a year or two you may be surprised to find you have inadvertently become one of ‘those’ annoyingly effortless swimmers, that take forward a true whole-life skill.

If you’re hungry for more, graduates of the development squad can choose from up to six weekly competitive sessions, fitness squad, regional competitions, fun summer open water initiatives and all sorts of in-house galas for all ages.

Is your child ready for development squad in Term 3? Come along to our free assessment for tips and a fun
session at the new Wanaka Pool, Saturday 14 July any time that suits you between 10.00am and 11.30am.
No registration required.

Costs? We are proud to charge only $100 per term for one session per week.

Email: or simply come along on Saturday