Crime Line

Crime Line

5 September 2018

Welcome to spring everyone. I hope you have all had a great winter. I’m sure there are plenty of you wanting the cold weather and snowy mountains to continue, and the rest are going to embrace the warmer days with open arms!

This week in the Wanaka Policing world we have been helping our residents with some mental health issues, family harm disputes, thefts, and an assault.

Lost wallets are a common occurrence in Wanaka and the local community have a great reputation for handing these to police.  However this week a less desirable person has decided to use someone else’s credit card they found and deprive them of approximately $5,000. Please remember if you lose your wallet the first thing to do is cancel your cards.

During the week there was an assault captured on CCTV in the CBD. Police are continuing to investigate, and charges are likely. I’m sure most people don’t go out with the intention of acting like a chump, so please try to drink responsibly, look after your mates, and know when to be the bigger person and walk away.

A Toyota Ipsum was stolen from Totara Terrace and is yet to be located. Vehicle crime seems to be on the rise in Wanaka so I encourage everyone to be more vigilant, lock it or lose it.

Police were required to step in when a tenancy dispute boiled over and people became a bit heated. The big issue here was that the proper tenancy obligations had not been followed, and this resulted in a breakdown in communication. Please refer to the tenancy services at for all the facts and forms.

A young person was brought to the Wanaka Police station after they were found lying on the ground in town after drinking alcohol. They were highly intoxicated. The young person had used the classic trick of telling their parents they were staying at a friend’s house. Police will be following up to establish where the alcohol came from and deal with this appropriately.

A driver was found driving with three times the legal limit for breath alcohol. They were suspended from driving for 28 days, and is now required to attend the District Court.

Have a safe week and look after each other.