Crime Line

Crime Line

12 September 2018

There is a great feel around town at the moment with this spell of fine weather, spring is in full swing, the garden centres are very busy and there is plenty in town to keep the local Police busy.

Here is a summary of what’s been going on:

On the 3rd an assault complaint was received that took place at a local bar. The CCTV footage allowed us to locate the bad man. BP Wanaka reported a petrol drive-off but there appeared to be some confusion on who was paying by the vehicle occupants, so all sorted.

On the 4th, after reviewing the CCTV footage from the bar, further arrests were made relating to the previous night’s incident. We ask the bars that problem patrons are refused entry as these dudes obviously cannot drink alcohol and remain in control of their faculties. Also on the 4th, a paraglider pilot was injured below the Cardrona ski resort and was flown to Dunedin Hospital.

On the 5th, Police received a burglary complaint relating to a Winders Road dwelling where entry was gained and persons helped themselves to the contents of the pantry before leaving. Some people have no morals! A reminder that owners should have a neighbour keeping an eye on their property and make sure your security is good.

On the 6th a rental car collided with a truck and trailer unit on Ballantyne Road, fortunately there was no injury to the occupants of either vehicle. On that note, Police have noticed vehicle speeds along Ballantyne Road have crept up, so expect to see more patrols early in the morning.

On the 7th a rental car driven by a tourist left the Cardrona access road and rolled a short distance down the bank. The three occupants walked away uninjured.

On the 8th a female was processed for drink driving when stopped in Ardmore St and her licence suspended immediately and a trip to Court beckons.

On the 9th a male was arrested in relation to a domestic matter and is to appear in the Youth Court. Also on the 9th a rental car was stopped by Police near Wanaka and the driver was processed for drink driving.

Remember to keep an eye on your valuables when in town, hide anything of value in the boot of your car if parking in town, and drive responsibly at all times.

Have a safe week.