Crime Line

Crime Line

19 September 2018

I’m sure you’ve all felt the increasing temperature of late that comes with the changing of the season. Lambs are jumping throughout paddocks in the Cardrona Valley blissfully unaware their time will be short lived; evenings are that little bit lighter; the BBQ is making its appearance and snow is melting, along with some of the population increase that it brings.

While it is good to see the change that comes with the season, there are some things that unfortunately have not changed with what your local men and women in blue deal with on a daily basis.

A late night family harm incident between two individuals resulted in one of them being arrested for breaking property for which they will face the courts. Both were warned for their assaultive behaviour towards each other. If you find yourself in a relationship that you have an inkling is not the greatest and you want help, please contact us and we can put you in touch with the right people.

There has been quite a bit of theft this week around the region. An individual is now without their ski jacket and pants. A young lad has lost his trusty steed after an abhorrent thief decided they liked the look of his bike and wanted it for themselves. We all know the joy that two wheels and a crank set bring to the young ones, so to whoever took it, please put it back where you “found” it. 25 road cones and associated signage have mysteriously vanished into the ether from near Kane Road in Hawea Flat. They’re all worth quite a bit of coin so again, could the individual(s) kindly bring them back to where they took them from.

One creative miscreant has decided to delve into his artistic side by tainting somebody’s well-kept lawn with weed killer and the word “w**ker”. Their motivations for this dastardly act are unknown.

Alcohol remains a significant factor that keeps us rather busy. On two consecutive nights it has got the better of its consumers resulting in one gent facing court action for assaulting security staff, and another who went home with a formal Police warning for disorderly behaviour after he took exception to being denied entry into an establishment. Both men accepted their behaviour was not in line with a well-functioning society and were appreciative of the alcohol referrals Police made for them.

Lastly, the scourge of our roads, ‘the drink driver’, made an appearance and was nabbed by Police. He was nearly 4 times over the legal limit and will face the courts. This behaviour does my head in and riles up my gears, more so than anything else, simply due to the unnecessary risk they put other innocent road users at. The last thing any of us needs is for our family, friends and members of our community to be a consequence and statistic of one of these dimwits and their decisions.

Stay safe out there and enjoy the days. As I send this off it is now snowing!!