Crime Line

Crime Line

26 September 2018

The week leading up to the Alexandra Blossom Festival was quite busy for Police staff in Wanaka sorting through various jobs and requests for service. Even though we live in paradise, there are still those that are happy to break the law regardless of the consequences.

On Tuesday 18th September Police received a complaint of theft relating to a solar powered Gallagher electric fence stolen from land on Stevenson Road near the airport. A male driving down from Cardrona Ski Resort was processed for drink driving the same day. A grader parked on Kane Road was entered and two radios stolen from it as well.

On 19th Bettys Liquor Store reported two bottles of Appletons valued at $342.98 stolen from their premises. Police are looking at the CCTV footage. A local female was charged with assault as a result of a domestic incident two weeks ago. Placemakers have made a complaint of theft of power tools valued at $1484 by a male and female. CCTV footage may provide names for these persons, enquiries are continuing.

On 20th a Haines Hunter boat was stolen from a property in the Mt Barker area. A reminder to owners that securing your boats and trailers so that they cannot be hooked up and driven off is a good idea.

On Friday 21st a local man was processed for drink driving. He appears on a number of charges relating to his response to being stopped. The same day it was reported to Police that two teenagers were followed by a male on Lakeview Tce, Hawea. Remind your children not to get into vehicles driven by strangers. I am sure this message has been drummed into the kids by our schools.

On Saturday afternoon Police and SAR staff dealt with the sad death of an overseas climber/skier on Mt Aspiring. Thanks to those involved in his recovery.

A reminder to the ‘tradies’ that it’s important not only to secure your valuable tools but also to immobilise your covered trailers or floats by wheel or tow-ball locks as they could easily end up any were in the country. Also loud parties and fireworks are tolerated up until 11pm, but please respect your neighbours. Call Noise Control at QLDC in the first instance and Police if that doesn’t work.

Have a safe week.