Game On!

26 September 2018

About 7 years ago, a small group of local families joined together to form the ‘Game On’ group. Each family is caring for and raising a child who has a life-long disability. We had all recognised that our very unique children found it very difficult to join into regular sporting or social groups. Our wish was to create and
work with others to increase opportunities for our kids to get out, get active, to socialise and have fun.

Currently, ‘Game On’ is co-ordinating a weekly disco/dance session each Saturday from 4.00 till 5.00pm at
the Dance Out Loud studio, upstairs in the Spencer Mall. Thanks to the fantastic support from Rachael
Erickson of Dance Out Loud, we have an excellent venue. We are also very thankful for the very kind
donations from various locals which covers our weekly studio rental.

The kids absolutely LOVE their weekly dance session and over time we have seen the kids dancing with increased confidence and forming strong friendships. The sessions involve a dance leader demonstrating dance moves, teaching some familiar routines and allowing time for free dance expression.

The children are encouraged to invite their siblings or close friends and we have about 10 to 12 children
attend most weeks. The Game On group would like to extend an invitation to other families raising a child or young adult living with disability, to come along and join in on the fun!

We’re a friendly bunch and are always keen to meet new people. For more info email