Crime Line

Crime Line

10 October 2018

It has been a reasonably busy week for your Wanaka Police comprising of the usual business that keeps us occupied, as well as a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Diligent staff are doing the hard yakka to make felons accountable for their behaviour.

This past week saw two calls for service that related to mental health situations. Police are by no means experts in these but we do our best to help find a solution or make contact with those who can. Talk to those close to you if you think you need it, or try one of the many mental health or support services available.

A disqualified driver was nabbed driving this week. He faces court action for his decision to get behind the wheel, as well as a ticket coming to a mailbox near him for having the all too common inability to abide by the speed limit.

Three drink drivers were caught this week. Two of them receive tickets for $250. They also lose half of their 100 demerit points. The other driver was as close to the limit as you can be, so faces neither a ticket or court action, but was told to have a drink or two less next time. – It’s not worth the risk.

A reminder to those purchasing goods and services using online sites: Please carry out your full due diligence before handing over any money.  If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  Ensure everything is in order by doing some research on the seller and seek advice if you aren’t sure. Too often these incidents get brought to Police attention after the fact and good people lose out after being scammed.

Also this week, somebody decided they’d take off from a shop without paying for their pie. This same person also allegedly poured a drink over somebody at a local watering hole. Don’t do silly things like this. It’s technically assault and you get arrested for it. Enquiries are ongoing.

Excessive alcohol consumption reared its head over the weekend. You may have seen a number of people riding around on bikes over the weekend as part of an unofficial end of season event. – Generally speaking those participating didn’t cause too much of a nuisance to the public but I’d expect some heads were worse for wear the next day from a combination of falls without helmets on and too much booze.

There was a bit of a fracas at a local bar over the weekend where an individual sustained some serious injuries. Enquiries are ongoing into this matter.

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe.