Crime Line

Crime Line

17 October 2018

I’m sure you have all seen the media release from us here at the Wanaka Police around the resolution of a number of commercial and building site burglaries in the Wanaka and Queenstown area. For those of you who missed it, three search warrants were executed around Wanaka last week and a significant amount of what we believe to be stolen property has been recovered – most of which is at the Wanaka Police Station.

A local man has been arrested and charged with four burglaries as a result of our inquiries and it is likely more charges will follow.

The sheer amount of stolen property located and extent of the offending is obviously a concern for us. As Police, we love to solve these kinds of crimes and hold people to account, but would have rather that it didn’t happen in the first place.  A part that those of you in the industry and anyone with precious property can help with in preventing these types of crimes, is to engrave it or mark it in some way, or record the serial number on the SNAP website managed by police ( Ensure your valuables are locked away and secure your building yards to prevent unwanted persons gaining entry. Any steps we can take to protect our property will make it harder for anyone looking to rip you off!

Although this investigation has kept us busy over the last couple of weeks, the team here have continued to crack on with business as usual:

Two drunk drivers were located during the week. One will be appearing in court for this and his licence was suspended immediately. The other was issued with an infringement for his trouble. I know we say it most weeks, but make sure you organise your way home some other way, if you are going to drink.

A local man was arrested during the week when he breached his court bail condition, “not to consume alcohol”. Be careful when sending bulk texts inviting  people to play beer pong at one of the local bars!

We have two high end mountain bikes in our lost property store which we would be happy to have returned to their owner.  If you have lost your bike, please come in and see us.

The week was ended with some sad news when a man was killed during a speed flying crash at Isthmus Peak.  We are still speaking with witnesses, but the death will be referred to the Coroner.  Our thoughts are with this man’s family and friends.

I see Cardrona Ski Field will be closed by the end of the week – try and get up for one last run if you can! Enjoy the week and keep safe.