Crime Line

Crime Line

31 October 2018

Another busy week for the Wanaka Police, even with the town being a little quieter. We had a range of events detailed below:

Monday saw Officer’s dealing with somebody in mental distress. They have been referred to the appropriate contacts to help them out to get better. Mental Health services are always available to provide support for yourself or someone else.

Labour Weekend was a focus for us in terms of the roads. Multiple infringements were given out for speeding. It’s disappointing to see big speeds during a time when there is a lot more traffic on the roads. Hopefully these act as a deterrent in the future.

Tuesday resulted in two assaults being disclosed to Police. These are being investigated. Mental health and trespass were also dealt with by Police. An individual was helped out when they couldn’t find a family member’s home. They are now safe.

There was a report of an incident at the Far Horizon Park community complex where four individuals have been in the spa on Sunday night and caused some damage to the swimming pool cover by running across it. There is CCTV footage of the incident and enquiries are ongoing. If you know who was involved, encourage them to own up to their behaviour and make themselves known to the complex managers.

Police dealt with a male who was asked to leave a local establishment on Wednesday night. They initially refused when asked to by staff but later did so. A reminder to all to enjoy your nights out but if you are asked to leave or are denied entry, it’s generally because you’re too boozed, which means you aren’t allowed on the premise.

Two vehicles crashed on Thursday in separate incidents. Both drivers were unharmed, but one of the crashes involved multiple cars. Take care at intersections and never trust an indicator from another vehicle even if it is on, just wait for them to turn.

Friday saw a report of intentional damage to a tree. There was also a number of people out and about in the evening but there were no issues.

On Saturday, an alcohol checkpoint in the evening resulted in two drink drivers being taken off the road. One will likely face the courts, and another was issued with a fine. Thank you to those drivers who drank responsibly, to those who decided not to drive at all or took one for the team and became the designated driver for the evening. I take my hat off to you.

Another checkpoint was conducted on Sunday evening. One driver was processed for too much alcohol and will be receiving a fine.

Enjoy the week and stay safe. If you are feeling affected with the recent tragedies in town, reach out to someone to talk. You won’t be the only one.