Crime Line

Crime Line

14 November 2018

Again another busy week for Wanaka Police which started out attending a number of family harm disputes. Clarity in communication between these parties may assist them in remedying their disputes. Remember, it is not good for the children of our community to witness adults arguing.

Police executed a drug search warrant and charged a male with importation of drugs from the United Kingdom. It was great to have the support of New Zealand Customs and our colleagues in Queenstown CIB in leading this enquiry.

Police attended a motor vehicle collision on the Crown Range Road when a campervan went off the road in heavy torrential rain. Please remember to moderate your driving speed to the weather condition. Three other accidents on the Crown Range were dealt with by the Queenstown staff.

Another crash on the Crown Range resulting from fatigue was attended. If travelling from overseas ensure you are rested before driving away from the airport.

A local male was apprehended driving without a licence - if you have been disqualified, ensure you reapply for a licence once the disqualification period is over.

Three intoxicated motorists were apprehended this week. One on Friday with a level of 481 mgm’s.  Saturday morning saw a local female apprehend for excess breath alcohol with a level of 1001 mgm’s, over 4 times the legal limit. When she was located she was driving erratically after popping out to purchase some bread for breakfast. It may prove to be very expensive toast. Our third intoxicated motorist of the week blew a level of 593mgm’s. This was the second time this male has been apprehended, so hopefully he learns and makes it the last occasion. 

Police dealt with an incident where a local taxi driver had alcohol poured on him by a customer, this incident also had elements of racial abuse. The young local has been dealt with by a warning thanks to the kindness and good grace of the victim. Our Taxi drivers provide an excellent service transporting many people to and from town, so treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve. Remember this community should be proud of the diverse origins of its individual community members and never give racial abuse.

On Saturday police received a report of a burglary of an Aubrey Road address in Wanaka and another at Francis Lane, Hawea.

An emergency response was launched after Police dealt with a report of a male who was paddling down the Clutha River. Fortunately he was able to self-rescue and eventually re-joined his party which enable police to cancel the search.

Lastly, on Sunday evening police received a report of what appeared to be a deflected shot from a person shooting rabbits on the riverbank that hit a tree above a local residents head. Discharging a firearm near a residence is an offence. It is the complainants 70th birthday on Sunday and he would like to live long enough to enjoy it with his family.

Keep yourself and your friends safe.