Crime Line

Crime Line

21 November 2018

A steady week for police with a continued demand for service mainly in relation to road policing because of increased tourist traffic on the roadways. Remember patience is a virtue, which I am still working towards acquiring.

Police arrested a local young man for the unlawful taking of a car from Haast after his own car was crashed over there. Not the wisest of decisions.

Throughout the week we have had a focus on restraints, distracted drivers, impairment and speed. Fines are avoidable, so buckle up, do not use your cell phone, ensure your sobriety and lighten the lead foot.

We have had three reports of burglaries over the week. These were at Lagoon Avenue in Albert Town, Aubrey Road in Wanaka and a Helwick Street property in Wanaka. Please ensure you secure your property.

Lack of attention whilst driving has led to four motor vehicle collisions which required police attendance at the junction of Riverbank Road and Ballantyne Road. These are normally caused by failing to comply with the very clear stop signs. Please pay attention to these as we will be increasing enforcement efforts to improve road safety at this location.

The theft of a mountain bike was reported on Saturday afternoon, when between 5.30pm and 6.00pm, a Specialised Enduro Elite mountain bike coloured black with blue stripes was taken from a bike rack of a parked car on Dunmore Street, Wanaka outside of the Cardrona Office. Police would appreciate any information in relation to this stolen bicycle.

Over the weekend we apprehended three people for excess breath alcohol. Two of these will be appearing at court along with the other recently apprehended. As a community we need to address this issue. This weekend our enforcement effort was supported by students from Mount Aspiring College, with members of their SADD group attending check points with police. Hopefully their message will get through to our wider community.

This week we had cause to deal with parents from overseas who thought it alright for the mother to be the front seat passenger, unrestrained with her child on her knee - also unrestrained. She advised me she would not do this in her home country. We love to have you all as visitors to NZ, however, please remember your key responsibilities: Everyone wears a seat belt, keep left, the maximum speed is 100 km and no overtaking on yellow lines.

Be kind to one another and have a good week.