Crime Line

Crime Line

28 November 2018

It’s been a busy week for the crew at 5 Ballantyne Road:

There were two missing person reports filed. One party was found safe and well by Police and LANDSAR. The weather caught them out and had them stranded up the Motutapu. Enquiries established our other missing person was out of cell phone range but also alive and well. Please let someone know where you are if you’re enjoying our fantastic country side.

There have been reports of two vehicles being stolen. A reminder to lock and secure your car, leaving nothing enticing for the criminals to be entranced by. Although we do live in a relatively safe town, ratbags do pass through and are pretty opportunistic.

Four reports of family harm incidents have come to our attention this week. Those involved will be put in touch with appropriate contacts. If things are getting heated and you are able, take some time to cool off such as heading out for a walk or a drive to get a clear head. Reach out to those closest to you for advice.

Two people decided to dodge the weekly specials at New World and instead took a midnight dive into the skip to do their grocery shopping. Whilst items have been thrown out, they are still the property of the business and dumpster diving is thieving. Ignorance is not really an excuse in this case as the scoundrels took the gate off its hinges to gain access to the skip. There is good CCTV and I urge the two people involved to get out ahead of this and make themselves known to us before we track them down.

Multiple driving complaints have been dealt with by Police. We rely on your calls to *555 for this so keep calling in the atrocious driving you witness.

There is a fair whack of lost property at the station. Come in for a chat if you’ve lost something and we can see if it is in the collection. The found key box is overflowing so we could be housing the access to your housing. A local lady was very appreciative to receive her wallet back from another local lady who handed it in to the Medical Centre.

Drink drivers were again taken off the street this week. Some found themselves with a hefty fine and 12 hours without their car keys. Others found themselves heading off to court to explain themselves.

A few of you may have received a chocolate frog from the Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD) group from Mount Aspiring College who come out and helped with our police check points last weekend.  We appreciate their support and enthusiasm and hope to have you out again with us soon.

Enjoy the week and stay safe.