Crime Line

Crime Line

12 December 2018

CRIMELINE- Senior Constable Sean HURLEY.

As the festive season approaches the calls for service have been increasing during the week that was.
Monday last week started with a bang after a car chase through town in which a police car was deliberately rammed by the offender whose vehicle was finally stopped using road spikes.  Thankfully no staff were hurt and the offender was arrested without harm to himself or others. The 30 year old male from Queenstown is now facing the relevant charges and being helped by mental health services. 
We also received a report of graffiti at Wanaka Primary School and Police dealt with a family harm matter.

On Tuesday a local male was summonsed to court for driving whilst disqualified.
On Wednesday a male was arrested for theft as part of his employment he is being dealt with by way of diversion and will no doubt be looking for alternative employment.

On Thursday a local male was arrested on warrants and sent to Queenstown Court leaving his employers van stranded at the Police Station, Not a way to impress your employer. 
If you have matters outstanding please sort them out with the court prior to the festive season as the cells do not have a very festive feel about them. 
We also received a report of theft of a BMX bicycle, we are looking for a red GT BMX bicycle with a red chain.

On Friday Police apprehended 3 drivers for excess breath alcohol and dealt with an accident on the Albert Town Bridge.

On Saturday Police received one report of wilful damage to a vehicle on Lismore Street. Apparently other vehicles were also damaged. Please report these matters so that we are aware of where and when to deploy patrols.
If we have a true picture of offending it will help management with working out required staff deployment and provide you with the appropriate service level. If at all possible please try and park your vehicle safely off the roadway.

On Sunday police received a report theft of three cell phones and two pairs of glasses from Lake Bar.  Please be careful of your property when out and about.
Again this weekend excess drinking was a major problem around town, please respect door and bar staff when they decline admission they are doing their job correctly and complying with responsibilities to ensure safe consumption of alcohol.

Be kind to one another and have a good week and try to avoid the naughty list!